How the Gut Biome Affects the Brain

You know that gut feeling that you get? It might be an actual thing. There is an important relationship between gut bacteria and your mood; what you eat can affect how your brain works. You have over 100 trillion microorganisms in your gut; that’s 10x the amount of actual cells in your body. Those bacteria […]

Hangover Fix: Get Glutathione!

Hangover Fix: Get Glutathione! Being able to bounce back from a night out is probably the ultimate testament to health. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are, or how health conscious you are, it’s still a reality that we have to face. Sometimes we go out. How do you recover from a hangover? I’m going to break down how […]

Alcohol and Glutathione Science

Alcohol and Glutathione Science You’ve probably heard about glutathione by now… It’s being talked about as a brain aid, a liver aid and a possible neutropic, that could enhance brain activity. The thing is that probably the most important use of glutathione is as a combatter of oxygen. Yes, you need oxygen to survive, but […]